How bad breath impacts your social life

19, Sep 2017


How bad breath impacts your social life

Bad breath has a significantly negative impact on both personal as well as social life. If the problem persists for a long time, it may even become a reason for self-consciousness, insecurity and isolation.

 People suffering with bad breath usually develop withdrawal tendencies and shrink their social circle. Halitosis or bad breath can put you in embarrassing situations and damage your overall personality. Halitosis may transform a confident and chatty person into a quite, depressed, shy and insecure person.

 However, most of us experience bad breath in some situations such as in the morning after waking up or after eating some pungent food. But in case of halitosis, this unpleasant smell is always present. Moreover, no amount of brushing, flossing, or mouthwash can completely cover the overwhelming odour from your mouth if you have halitosis.

It has been seen often that people with bad breath restrict themselves from speaking in a group of people. They know that face to face interactions with people may create awkwardness and uneasiness for themselves as well as others. Over time, this kind of behaviour creates a lot of frustration, anger and depression within them. People with bad breath constantly monitor people’s reactions or try to avoid certain situations.

Poor oral hygiene and bad breath can ruin nearly every aspect of your life, including your relationship. People whose breath smell foul mostly prefer staying back home alone instead of going out with friends and family. Bad breath or halitosis is a big turn-off when it comes to a romantic relationship.

 Avoiding your loved ones all the time can create a lot of mental and physical distress in the long run. Face to face interactions are essential for success and career growth in today’s world.

Bad breath is a taboo subject in modern society and people around you will not always tell you if your breath smells foul. No matter how cooperative and supportive you are towards your friends and family members, your bad breath will eventually force them to move away from you. However relationships are made on trust and love but bad breath or poor oral hygiene can become a major barrier to kissing and other forms of intimacy.

People suffering with bad breath become extremely self-conscious and paranoid. Simple things like getting a haircut or having the nails done at a beauty salon can make them extremely uncomfortable

Consider taking action to cure the problem even if you are not bothered about your unpleasant breath. Your bad breath might not be affecting you but it is horribly unpleasant for others.

Bad breath is clearly not a small dental issue; it can ruin your social as well as work life. Therefore, it is extremely important to take professional help instead of trying to self-diagnose or self-cure the problem. Your dentist will perform a quick, simple and painless test of the bacteria in your mouth to find out if your breath smells foul.

Focusing on the health of your mouth can help you achieve your goal of fresh breath. Brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice a day or after your lunch and dinner can solve the problem up to an extent. But these oral care regimens should not replace a dentist visit especially if you suffer from severe halitosis.

Always make it a point to schedule dental cleaning sessions with your dentist every six months. He or she can give you some additional ideas on how to avoid unpleasant breath. Don’t hesitate to discuss it with your dentist if you are suffering from gum disease, tooth decay etc.

Fresh breath and beautiful smile can help you maintain a healthy relationship with your friends and co-workers. So, start focusing on maintaining proper oral hygiene and take necessary steps to beat the bad breath.



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