How minor tooth alignment can change your smile

19, Sep 2017


How minor tooth alignment can change your smile

Teeth mis-alignment is a cosmetic issue that is common in both children and adults. It may affect your smile and make you feel embarrassed about your appearance. However, your misaligned teeth aren’t just affecting your smile, but they are also affecting your overall dental health.

 When the teeth are not aligned with the tip of the nose, the smile looks slightly slanted. Slanted looking smiles lead to facial asymmetry because of the off-center teeth. If your teeth are not properly shaped or proportioned, you smile may appear fake, which may badly affect your social life.

More than just glaring flaw, crooked or mis-aligned teeth also make your biting and chewing uncomfortable or more challenging. If you want to improve your overall comfort and confidence, you should consider cosmetic dentistry. With a straight, properly aligned set of teeth, your smile will look more attractive and you will be able to chew or bite more naturally.

Although, it’s common for the human face to have a certain degree of asymmetry, but for some people, this asymmetry is very prominent, especially in the mouth. In most of the cases, the solutions are very simple like getting braces; it will help you get proper symmetry and a natural looking smile.

There are so many different types of teeth mis-alignment issues such as crooked teeth, under bite, cross bite and open bite, some of them are discussed here-

Open bite

The mouth of a person with open bite appears to be stretched, and he/she can’t completely close their mouth. Moreover, people use their tongues to speak certain words more clearly when they have this kind of mis-alignment of teeth. In other words, when the teeth are not in the right positions the speech becomes unclear. If you have an open bite issue then speak to your dentist to find out whether braces can solve this type of alignment problem or not. In most of the case braces can fix the problem.

Over bite

Overbite is another very common alignment issues which shows remarkable asymmetry in the chin and facial profile. An overbite makes the shape of your face appear short and round; in cases of deep overbite, upper jaw of the patient sticks out in front of the lower jaw. The lower jaw of the patient appears to be slightly pushed back towards ears by his/her upper teeth.

Good news is that the innovative dental treatments like non-invasive jaw line enhancement treatment can help improve your facial features. Discuss with your dentist to find out the best procedure for your teeth misalignment problem. In mild cases of overbite, braces can be used to change the way your jaw and teeth fit together.

Crooked Teeth 

 Over-crowded and mis-aligned teeth not only make your face look unattractive but also make brushing and flossing more challenging for you. Lot of people accept that crooked teeth negatively affect their personal as well as professional life. 

Watching yourself in the mirror while smiling can give you very interesting information about your smile. However it may or may not indicate a problem or a strong need to make some adjustments. You can greatly improve your oral health and facial features by correcting your crooked teeth or mis-aligned bite. Braces can provide the right spacing between your teeth so that you can laugh and smile confidently without getting embarrassed in public.

Therefore, discuss with your dentist if you feel difficulty in speaking clearly or chewing comfortably due to your mis-aligned teeth. He/she will recommend you a proper dental treatment plan to straighten your teeth after assessment.



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