How to prevent common dental problems in your kids

19, Sep 2017


How to prevent common dental problems in your kids

Teaching your children good dental hygiene practices is the first step towards protecting their teeth against common dental problems. Unfortunately, it is not easy to make little children understand the negative effects of eating sugar candies, sweet juices and ice-lollies. So, it becomes the responsibility of parents to eliminate these sweet evils from their children’s lives. It is critical that parents’ keep a check on their children’s dental issues that can progress into more severe diseases.

Here, we present you some of the most effective ways to keep your child’s teeth strong and cavity-free-

1. Always remember that your child's diet plays a significant role in preventing a cavity. Allowing your child consume excessive amount of sweets, fruit juices and starchy food stuff may cause dental cavities. Leftover bits of sugar and starch increase the level of acids; it weakens the tooth enemal which ultimately causes tooth decay. However, our saliva can help defend against this acid attack but saliva flow reduces during sleep, which means teeth can’t protect themselves against acid attack during sleep. Therefore, limiting the sugary food, soda and fruit juices before bed-time can control the acid attacks. Swap sugary foods with water-dense fresh fruits and vegetables, this will help in the production of saliva and prevent bacterial growth and acid formation.

2. Brush your little one’s teeth after each meal if possible and just before bed time. A small drop of topical fluoride toothpaste is enough for children as excess amount of the paste can damage their teeth. Although a huge variety of toothpastes are available out there, but only a few of them are specifically manufactured focusing the dental care needs of children. Don’t hesitate to take advice from a dental expert if you are confused with all the options.

3. Soft-bristled brush can be used for the toddlers’ teeth. Instead of simply telling them to brush their teeth twice a day, try to make tooth brushing a fun activity. Give them a tooth brush that has their favourite cartoon character on it. You can also let them choose the colours and patterns etc.

4. If brushing teeth after every snack or meal is not possible, then ask them to thoroughly rinse their mouth with tap water. Mouthwash can also be used for extra protection against tooth decay; children enjoy swishing water in their mouth and spitting it out!

5. Kids usually copy their parents and siblings, so be a role model and let your little one watch you follow your daily dental care routine; it will make them more interested in practicing the same.

6. Professional tooth cleanings under a dentist’s supervision should be done at least twice a year (once in every six month). However, more frequent visits may be needed if your child is having some dental problems that need extra attention and care.

7. Consult a practitioner of children dentistry about all the options available for preventing tooth decay and other gum diseases. A proficient dentist can make recommendations specific to your child’s dental needs and help your child achieve a shiny white smile.

8. Taking care of babies’ gums is very important since saliva is filled with bacteria. It’s a good idea to clean the gums of your baby with a soft piece of damp cloth after they eat and before their bedtime.

9. Teach your kids how to floss; regular flossing can remove food particles and plaque from between the teeth and under the gum line. You can start flossing for your young child at least twice daily especially after every meal. Best way to motivate the children to brush and floss is by offering them little rewards like cartoon stickers etc.

10. Children’s medicines mostly come in a variety of flavours, sugars and additives; these materials stick to the teeth and increase the possibility of tooth decay. In addition to that, antibiotics can also cause various infections in the mouth. Therefore, it is important to ask question with the dentist about the dental care regimen for your child if your child is taking long term medication.

11. A healthy diet containing vitamins and minerals can help your child develop strong and healthy teeth. Calcium, phosphorous and proper levels of fluoride are equally important to protect your child’s teeth against cavities and other dental diseases.

12. Make sure your child drink plenty of tap water throughout the day because tap water mostly contains fluoride which protects teeth from decaying. It is to be noted that the bottled-water may not contain fluoride in it. Drinking sufficient amount of water also increases saliva production which helps in controlling bacterial growth inside the mouth.

In short, tooth decay and risk of other dental diseases can be avoided by adhering to the basic standards of good oral hygiene. So, encourage your child to follow proper dental care regimen to keep their teeth clean, healthy and strong for the lifetime.



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