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A regular check-up with a dentist is your first step to better oral health.

When you book with us for a routine exam and x-rays check-up your teeth and mouth will thank you. Well, they would if they could talk.

Having regular routine dental check-ups means you’re less likely to need to see an emergency dentist. And we know that over time, people who visit a dental clinic regularly spend less money.

What is it?

Do you feel better when you know you have the basics covered? You probably answered yes. An exam and x-rays check-up will do just that. It’s an essential part of caring for your general dental health. Look after your oral health and you’re looking after yourself.

Even if you don’t have toothache or you’re not in pain, a regular dental check-up should be at the top of your wellness checklist at least once a year.

What's included

A routine exam and x-rays check-up has two main parts:

  • Full check-up of your of your teeth and gums
  • Standard dental x-rays

What happens

Your dentist will talk to you about your dental health and any concerns you may have. You will have a full visual check-up of all areas of your mouth, not just your teeth and gums. This includes a visual screen for oral cancer and looking at any other problem areas. Special instruments are used to make sure all of your teeth, gums and mouth are checked.

You will have standard dental x-rays taken. These help with diagnosis and prevention of decay and disease. Because your dentist sees your teeth and mouth in great detail on an x-ray, they can help spot dental problems early. And by the way, it’s normal for the dentist and dental assistants to leave the room when your x-rays are taken.


  • 1 single appointment

How long it takes

  • It usually takes around 30 to 60 minutes

You may be asked about

  • Your dental and medical history
  • Your normal oral care routine at home
  • Any problem areas or pain

Before your appointment

  • No special preparation needed

After your appointment

  • You can usually carry on as normal

Quick tip

If your dentist gives you advice about daily dental care like teeth brushing techniques and how often you should floss, write it down. It takes time to build a new habit – some say 21 days or more. In the meantime, here’s a handy idea. Stick your note about your new dental care routine on your bathroom mirror as a daily reminder.

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