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Wisdom teeth causing you pain? It's disruptive and annoying. And we know how stressful it can be.

Wisdom teeth are unpredictable and the pain can be so uncomfortable. Most people experience wisdom teeth discomfort from their late teens until their mid-twenties. Wisdom teeth pain is often caused by the eruption of the tooth in an abnormal position.

Sometimes wisdom teeth become impacted, or stuck, under your gums. This causes pain and irritation of the gums. Impacted wisdom teeth can lead to more serious issues, including infections and damage to the surrounding teeth. Symptoms like swelling, inflammation and intense pressure can mean your wisdom teeth will need to be removed.

Symptoms of wisdom teeth pain

Once wisdom teeth come through, you often feel pain or discomfort straight away. Some of the first signs of wisdom tooth problems can be upper or lower jaw pain, or swelling and redness of the gums. You can even experience headaches or earaches when your wisdom teeth come through.

The pain can range from slight tenderness to throbbing and constant pain which makes it difficult for you to open your mouth and brush your teeth in the surrounding area of the wisdom tooth causing you grief.

For more serious wisdom teeth pain, you may even suffer from bleeding gums, bad breath and have difficulty eating and swallowing. Impacted, or very painful wisdom teeth, can also lead to tooth decay and cavities. If it's ignored cysts can develop, which go on to infect the area nearby.

Causes of wisdom teeth pain

Unfortunately wisdom teeth don’t make us more wise! They can just be disrupting, annoying and in many cases will need to be removed. Most people have four wisdom teeth but for some people not all four will appear. When wisdom teeth appear there is often not enough space for them to grow so they come through in an abnormal position - these are called impacted wisdom teeth.

Impacted wisdom teeth can go on to cause issues such as:

  • Infection
  • Cysts
  • Decay
  • Damage to surrounding teeth

Wisdom tooth pain is common so there is no need to feel stressed. If you are experiencing pain from your wisdom teeth you should visit a dentist. The more serious problems from wisdom teeth can be prevented with swift removal.

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